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Beachfront property for sale in Limassol

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Seafront properties for sale in Limassol

There are more than 70 Limassol seafront properties for sale on Developers Cyprus, and the range in price is between € 280,000 and € 18,000,000.

Can foreigners buy a beachfront property in Limassol?

Individuals who are not citizens of the European Union can buy coastal property in Limassol. Still, they must seek approval before registering the property under their name. This involves applying to the District Office of the city where the property is located after signing the purchase agreement. Despite being a formality, all Non-EU buyers must obtain the permit, which usually takes two to four weeks to receive.

Is a beach property in Limassol a good investment?

In 2023 a beach in Limassol is a good and secure investment with an estimated rental yield of 5-6%, thanks to the rising rental prices. Contact our experts to learn more about investing in Cyprus real estate.