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Xenion High School

Also known as
Xenion Education
Educational level
Paralimni, Famagusta
Language of Instruction
English, Greek
Same - strictly follows the existing public school curriculum.
Similar - 2/3 of the major subjects follow those in the public schools.
Different - does not belong to any of the categories mentioned above.
55, 1st April Avenue
School description

Xenion High School is a well-known institution that aims to give students practical knowledge, skills, and a worldwide perspective. Offering an all-round education, it promotes the creation of well-formed personalities.

From years 1 to 3, students do general education subjects; in years 4-5, foundational subjects leading to the IGCSEs, while in years 6 and 7, they can follow two paths. The first is preparation for the Cypriot and Greek Universities, and the second is for direct entry to UK, EU and US Universities.

Outside the school programme, there are academic and non-academic clubs and societies, school trips, and the beloved Raising & Giving Programme, where the students engage in charitable and social activities that promote their ethos and community involvement.