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Trinity Private School

Educational level
Primary, Secondary
Language of Instruction
English, Russian
Same - strictly follows the existing public school curriculum.
Similar - 2/3 of the major subjects follow those in the public schools.
Different - does not belong to any of the categories mentioned above.
32 Vashiotis John Marie
School description

Trinity Private School is a registered and licensed secondary boutique school with delightful premises and an innovative approach. Enrollment takes place after introductory conversations with students and parents. There are only 15 students in each class with a full-day programme.

The school adopts the classical approach to learning and uses innovative ideas to promote socialization, communication, and self-discipline. On the website, you can find the school blog with useful posts, and there is a channel on Telegram to ease communication.

Trinity Primary School is a boutique school for students from 4 years and eight months to 12 years old. The languages taught at school are the Russian, English, and Greek. There are full- and part-day options, while the school is conveniently located in the City Centre near the beach road (Molos).

The school aims to provide high-quality education and instil moral and family values. It offers a complete curriculum of academic subjects, as well as non-academic subjects such as basketball, violin/ orchestra, ballroom dancing, and Lego building. Entrance is through interview and evaluation.