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American Academy Nicosia

Also known as
The American Academy Nicosia
Educational level
Primary, Secondary
Agios Andreas, Nicosia City, Nicosia
Language of Instruction
Same - strictly follows the existing public school curriculum.
Similar - 2/3 of the major subjects follow those in the public schools.
Different - does not belong to any of the categories mentioned above.
3A Michael Parides Street
School description

The American Academy Nicosia is a private English Language school in the heart of Nicosia, Cyprus. Established in 1922, the academy opened its doors as a pioneering institution offering secondary education to young women in Cyprus. Over the years, the school has expanded to provide education for Pre-School, Primary, and Secondary level students, following the British Curriculum.

Today, the academy welcomes both girls and boys, and its student body comprises individuals from all over the world, making it a truly international school. The academy's core values emphasize preparing students for university, future employment, and responsible global citizenship through an innovative and balanced educational program.

The school operates as a non-profit organization, ensuring maximum investment in education while keeping the school fees affordable.

The American Academy Nicosia Primary School provides education from Years 1 to 6, working towards the objectives laid down within the English National Curriculum (the Oxford International Primary Literacy Curriculum, which is Different in terms of the Ministry of Education), adapted for the needs of the multinational community in Cyprus. Provision is made for learners new to the English language. Students can benefit from the Extended Day programme and the School Assemblies.