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Council of Ministers Approval

Chris Michael
by Chris Michael
Updated: April 08, 2024

Council of Ministers approval usually refers to the need for a third-country national (non-EU/ EEA national or TCN) to get approval from the Council of Ministers of the Republic to buy real estate. TCNs can only purchase real estate in Cyprus with getting approval from the Council of Ministers.


  • The Cyprus Republic Constitution
  • Various laws give the Council of Ministers authority over diverse matters, such as Rent Control Law 23/83 or Immovable Property Acquisition (Aliens), chapter 109 of the Laws.

If you are a TCN

  • Before buying real estate in Cyprus, you need approval from the Council of Ministers. This is a straightforward process; your lawyer will help you with it using Form. Comm. 145.
  • This real estate cannot be larger than necessary, or if it is, the Council of Ministers can impose conditions.
  • The Council of Ministers will usually approve good faith applications.
  • You need a clean criminal record and proof of means to support yourself decently in the Republic.

The powers of the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers in Cyprus is an independent collective organ appointed by the President of the Republic. It exercises executive power and authority over any matter unless the Constitution assigns such matter to the president or any other political office or institution.

The executive authority of the Council of Ministers in Cyprus includes, among other things, monitoring the administration of the Republic and the direction of general policy, managing foreign affairs, defence and security, coordinating the civil service, and supervising and allocating the property belonging to the Republic.

The President of the Republic vis-a-vis the Council of Ministers

  • Appoints the Council of Ministers
  • Sets the agenda for the Council of Ministers meetings
  • Is not allowed to vote at such meetings
  • Has the right to veto decisions that have to do with foreign affairs, defence and security.


Non-EU citizens (TCNs) must get approval from the Council of Ministers to buy property in Cyprus. Applications are approved to ensure that real property purchases are aligned with the national interest. 

The timeframe for approval must be accommodated within your overall plans and timeline for buying property or investing.