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Village houses for sale in Cyprus

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Village houses in Cyprus: Quiet comfort

Village homes in Cyprus may come in several styles and size variations, from traditional to minimalist, from spacious villas to picturesque cottages.

Life in a Cyprus village is perfect for those who are not attracted to the bustle of city life yet wish to stay near a town or a city for lifestyle or business purposes. Most villages are close to an urban center and amenities, so it is possible to be employed in a city yet reside in a village.

Nature lovers might also opt for rural life. Nature in Cyprus is unimaginably rich, and the village is as close to it as you can get. There are coastal or seaview villages built along a sandy beach and villages on the mountain or hillside, built within lush greenery or shaded valleys of incomparable beauty.

A lot of the history of Cyprus happened through its villages, where monasteries, forts and trade hubs were built, and the production of goods like cloth and foodstuffs took place. All these survive today in the astonishing art of the monasteries, the outstanding village architecture and traditional food, regional museums and cultural centers. Life in a Cyprus village offers a unique glimpse into Mediterranean history and culture.

If you are looking for a house to buy, you have a range of options. There are new builds (from villas to cottages) of remarkable style and quality, resales in excellent condition, and renovated stone houses in the unique style of Cyprus village architecture. Sometimes properties come with a pool or with a garden and yard. You may also choose to buy and renovate yourself, but note that houses sold this way may require considerable work and expense.

A village home may be an excellent choice for a dream holiday, too. You can book a house or villa for your vacations or to celebrate a special event. There are beautiful, cosy homes or cottages, completely refurbished, and boutique villas. Some are pet friendly too. Luxury holiday at its best!

A village house in Cyprus is perfect if you wish to experience closeness to nature and a sense of the past, or if you simply prefer a laid-back lifestyle of quiet comfort. Get in touch with us for any information you require by email, phone or coming over to chat!