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    Land for sale in Cyprus

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    Land prices in Cyprus

    There are 252 land plots for sale in Cyprus listed on our site, and the range in price is between € 570 and € 18,500,000.
    The median land price in Cyprus is € 350,000.
    The median land price/m² is € 104.

    Land in Cyprus: Land of opportunity

    Land in Cyprus is an excellent choice for personal use, development or investment.

    Owning land in Cyprus brings you into the Mediterranean climate, culture and way of life. Warm days, the sea, natural beauty and lots of healthy, fresh food are all part of the Mediterranean lifestyle!

    Cyprus has a unique geographic and maritime position, which is key to its business and commercial success. As part of the European Union, it is now placed within a financial network of member states that have further realized Cyprus’s economic potential. Land in Cyprus is an investment that will never lose value because of the great demand and vibrant financial climate. Government and private sector statistics show that the worth of land and real estate is rising, and transaction volume remains high.

    Buying land for your own personal residential purposes may, additionally, result in acquiring a permanent residence permit for the Republic of Cyprus.

    Land available for sale comes in a large variety. There are prime waterfront, beachfront and sea view parcels, with unique access to the sea and spectacular sea views. Plenty of land exists in the countryside, usually close to the main road(s) and amenities. Even land in remote areas is near pathways and footways. Land in Cyprus is fertile, while the topography is primarily flat or gently sloped, making it perfect for either residential or agricultural purposes. At the same time, land for sale is available in wooded areas, too, capturing the beauty and tranquillity of the Mediterranean forest.

    Plots in Cyprus

    Plots of land in Cyprus are available in almost all locations. They may be used for various purposes and are excellent development opportunities!

    You can find plots to buy in most areas of Cyprus (note that leasing land is also possible, though less common). There are plots in cities, suburbs, towns, villages and tourist resorts, built-up areas and empty stretches of land. Pieces of property may be found in the countryside and rural areas, while there is also some unique sea view and seafront property. Most, if not all, of the plots allow for development.

    However, there are some issues you should consider before buying. These mainly refer to planning and zoning ordinances: land is designated commercial, agricultural or residential in Cyprus. Also, our experts can help you check the building height limits, density and topography of the area and find out its access to communications and public roads.

    A plot of land in Cyprus brings with it the glittering Mediterranean sea, the remarkably lush nature of the island, its rich history, and the opportunity to live in a peaceful and secure environment. Contact us to find the land matching your requirements, interests and plans. It’s an opportunity not to miss!