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    Commercial properties for sale in Cyprus

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    Commercial property prices in Cyprus

    There are 100 commercial properties for sale in Cyprus listed on our site, and the range in price is between € 70,000 and € 70,000,000.
    The median commercial property price in Cyprus is € 2,200,000.
    The median commercial property price/m² is € 3,145.

    Commercial property in Cyprus: A home for your business

    Commercial properties in Cyprus come in a great variety, responding to all types of activity and requirements.

    There are business and headquarters buildings, with efficiently arranged commercial space over ground and upper floors, as well as mixed-use buildings and properties. Concerning retail, you can find luxury retail accommodation or units that would appeal to all budgets, showrooms and even shop complexes. Retail real estate can be combined with office accommodation, but there are also independent, purpose-built office buildings of high quality and highly efficient office suites. Warehouses also exist, some quite large, usually combined with office, workplace and yard areas. Property directed at more specific users is also available and might include buildings suitable for hotels and guest houses, restaurants, private hospitals, medical centers, clinics and surgeries.

    Properties can be in premier retail streets and prominent locations or across the city. Other options may be the city districts and suburbs, which are always well-connected to the city center and other regions. Depending on your type of business, you may find a place in the industrial zones, between cities, and even in areas that can be described as relatively far from urban centers.

    Amenities are always within easy reach in cities, towns and regions. Industrial zones have food canteens and cafes and may be near retail stores. Cyprus being a Mediterranean island, it is not impossible to locate your business in premises close to the sea!

    The condition of commercial real estate in Cyprus is usually excellent or very good; if there is a need for refurbishment or repair, this will be mentioned in the listings. There are new or older properties, and it is possible to buy, rent or sell. Whatever the real estate in your possession, you can find a user that will be interested and make it their business home.

    If you’re looking to buy commercial real estate in Cyprus – we are here to help you find a place that will suit your identity, budget and business needs!