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    Penthouse rental prices in Limassol

    There are 14 penthouse rentals in Limassol, Cyprus, listed on our site, and the range in rent price is between € 1,800 and € 15,000 per month.
    The median long-term penthouse rent in Limassol is € 6,000 per month.
    The median penthouse rent price/m² is € 23 per month.

    How to rent a penthouse in Limassol

    Here are the simplified steps to rent a penthouse in Limassol for the long term:

    1. Find a penthouse that meets your requirements and budget.
    2. Contact our estate agent to express your interest.
    3. Arrange a visit to the property.
    4. Agree with the landlord on the monthly rent and duration of the rental.
    5. Sign a tenancy agreement.
    6. Pay the deposit and first rent, then receive the key.
    7. Transfer utility bills to your name.

    For more details, please read our guide on Renting property in Cyprus.